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Nature provided the floodplains to contain the overspill of floodwater from the Severn

To the Victorians the London to South Wales was an important route, but one obstacle got in the way, the Severn Estuary

Oh Mighty Severn we may have bridged you

The strangest creature on the Severn was the Littleton whale

For centuries grain has been carried in vessels on the River Severn

Although the River Severn is Britain's longest river, it remains one of the most difficult to navigate

This problem is nothing new for the Severn, a river notorious for having large quantities of silt held in suspension

Many historical facts from along the River Severn

One important subject on the Schools UK National Curriculum is rivers.

I had been sent to join the SHELL STEELMAKER the day before as relief deckhand

Tales of the River Severn


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Relics of a bygone era on the bank of the Severn at Purton.