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A Fascinating Legend of Time Immortal

The legend of Sabrina is documented in various sources, each with a slight variation. This is my version, for 1999, the end of the millennium.

To fully understand the story it is recommended that you print out this page and read it several times.

Hafren is the Welsh Goddess of the river Severn and her Latin name is Sabrina.

There was an ancient warrior called Brutus who was leader of a band of Trojan exiles from Italy who had fled to and settled in ancient Britain. He ruled Britain for twentyfour years and on the death of Brutus of Troy, the legendary second founder of Britain, his lands were divided into three parts, one part for each of his sons. The eldest son, Locrinis, took the part which is now England, the second son, Camber, took a part, which is now Wales and the youngest son, Albanact, took a part, now known as Scotland.

During this period Britain was invaded by the Huns, under their chief Humber. King Locrine of Loegria, as he now was, led the fight against these invaders and succeeded in beating Humber, who was eventually killed by drowning in the river now named after him.

The Huns had a princess, Estrildis, who after the battle was captured and on seeing King Locrine they fell in love. But Locrine was already engaged to Guendolen, daughter of Corineus and such a scandalous thing couldn't be allowed to happen. Locrine was threatened by Corineus by a battle axe and thus forced him to marry his daughter.

King Locrine couldn't give up his love for Estrildis and secretly kept her in the palace near Abermule for seven years. Locrine fathered two children, a son, Madan, by Guendolen and a daughter, Sabre by Estrildis. [Sabre was also known as Sabrina in the Romanised language.]

 Following the death of Corineus, Locrine divorced Guendolen and lived with Estrildis and daughter Sabre.

The jealous Guendolen raised a Cornish army against the King and Locrine was killed in battle. Guendolen then pronounced herself ruler of Britain for their son Madan.

On her instructions both Estrildis and daughter Sabre were thrown into the river and ordered that the river be named after Sabrina, so that Locrine's infidelity would be remembered forever.

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