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Severn Tales Photomarine eBooks   From Chris Witts Available from Amazon for Kindle, Tablets & Mobile Phones A BOY’S WORK IN A MAN’S WORLD  by  Chris Witts Based on his popular talk, ‘My Life on the Severn’. Price: £0.99 RIVER SEVERN - Facts & Figures  by  Chris Witts Full of facts and figures plus numerous photographs and drawings. Price: £0.99 SEVERN BRIDGE DISASTER  by  Chris Witts An eBook reprint of the popular soft backed book of 2010 Price: £2.49 SEVERN BORE  by  Chris Witts A Pocket Guide with all the facts required about this natural phenomenon Price: £0.99 SEVERN BRIDGES by  Chris Witts A Pocket Guide with all the bridges that cross the Severn. Price: £1.49

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