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Bore Photographs

These photographs were taken from an inflatable boat, riding the Severn Bore.

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Bore Pic 1 Bore Pic 2 Bore Pic 3 Bore Pic 4 Bore Pic 5 Bore Pic 6

The bore arrives

It was frosty

Not a 4 star!

Getting wild

To hell and back!

We survived

All photographs taken by Chris Witts

Copyright 2015


Quite simply, until you get your prints back from the processor you will not know whether you were successful or not, [unless you have a digital camera]. Many of you will be disappointed for the bore is not easy to capture. Far better to watch it and hold the magic moment in your memory. Don't climb down the bank to water level, you will get wet and could be swept away! The best results were taken against

the light, not easy, unless your camera has manual exposure.

The best photograph taken is not of the big bore, but just a shot of a medium sized one, its all a question of that lucky shot.

Severn Bore

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